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Top job Sri Lanka gives you a very special reason to select vacancies online. The jobs advertised are special as they are filtered and selected to offer our discerning clientele the best jobs available in the country. If you are perusing the internet for top jobs there is no place other than our tried and tested medium. We offer new jobs with great remuneration and perks to suit your aptitude, qualifications and experience. So if you are looking for the ideal job to suit your palate, don’t look further, try our new job vacancies.

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We could help you prepare the appropriate CV to comprehensively put forward all that is you to the prospective employer. Impressing with the first instant of contact will carry your suitability further than the others. Even with the right qualifications and experience you may miss a call for an interview if your CV lacks the punch it needs to get the attention of the employer. To succeed in a top job you would need to take yourself that extra mile, on the road to impress.

There are many Sri Lankan jobs available covering a wide range of industries, businesses and services. It is your task to seek them out and classifying them according to your prerogative, interests and aptitude whilst doing so in a systematic way is most desirable.

We all need to succeed in a job as soon as we are ready to embark on career. Armed with the right qualifications you should strive hard to strike gold and land a plump job. Categories of different new Sri Lankan jobs roll out with vacancies filling every media, from print to electronic, but being able to have it at your fingertips is what matters most. Early birds catch the worms, is an apt thought to carry always.

Rakiyawa could be the place for you to start on a successful and enlightening career, finding for jobs in Sri Lanka. The selection of top jobs is just awesome and there is a job for everyone. If you have the right qualifications, experience, attitude and above all the determination what you want is there for the taking. There is no stone that we leave unturned to bring the best of the best jobs right at your fingertips. Our commitment to give you the best has brought us ample smiling faces who have appreciated our efforts, and taken some of the top jobs.


Satisfying customer needs

Marketing is defined very commonly and without much complication as “Satisfying customer needs profitably”. To elaborate the phrase further we could assimilate it as two sides of the same coin, where the customer is on one and the seller on the other.

The two to meet is the difficulty, and that is why marketing is what it is today. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to bring the two together, and when it does the seller must profit and the customer must be satisfied.

Marketing has evolved over years and today it has entered the high-tech age. In the “good old days” marketing was limited to a “Town crier” who hung two handwritten or printed placards on either side of his torso and rang a bell held in one hand whilst distributing leaflets with the other. To give added impetus he would also give a few loud shouts to attract passersby.

Over the next few decades marketing took a giant leap forward with the radio and print media joining in and the range of products and services made available to customers increasing substantially.

The increase in products and services also saw competition among them becoming gradually intense with profit margins dropping. The monopoly on some products and services held by a few came under threat from others with better products and services at more affordable prices.

Stepping into the second millennium saw the technology in communications breaking new ground with a variety of communication hardware being developed which put communications into the palm of most human beings all over the world.

From East to West and North to South communicating with one another was at everyone’s finger tips. This new freedom in communications gave birth to Digital Marketing, and products and services were available with all their details to all.

Digital Marketing agency Melbourne has taken advantage of this new trend and placed itself in the box seat providing exemplary service, to their clients.

Riding the crest of success Digital Marketing Melbourne leads the field with innovative Digital marketing techniques with no other being able to match the imaginative and innovative ideas brought forward by them.

Using popular search engines every Digital Marketing agency competes for search engine optimization to promote products and services through effective seo services.